Boating with a pet is similar to going on a long drive with them. However, with no roof over their heads, preparation is key to ensure that the time on the water is comfortable and enjoyable. Regardless of whether one is boating alone or with company, a number of safety precautions have to be taken to keep the pet safe. In this article, we will cover 10 ways to keep a pet safe on a boat.


1. Invest In A Life Jacket


dog life jacket


The most important thing to invest in is a life jacket for pets. With waves technically stronger than what beach or swimming pools might have, even the strongest pets have trouble staying afloat in the event that they find themselves in the water. Still, it is critical because the pet’s fur is slippery when wet, and one would need to hold onto something to pull them out of the water when a rescue is needed.


2. Bring First-Aid Kits

Before leaving the dock, a fully stocked first aid kit should be available on the boat. While pet safety boards in every country have a number of recommendations on items that must be present, antibiotic ointment, as well as gauze and tape, are vital for small or deep cuts. In case the pet is on any type of medication, bringing a good supply of it is also recommended.


3. Practice Boarding And Unboarding The Boat


water ladder for dog


With a dog, practicing to get on and off a boat is vital, as they tend to want to jump. With the chances of slipping and getting hurt plausible, practicing will ensure that accidents, like falling and getting caught between the dock and boat, are eliminated. In this case, use a ramp-like structure to practice at home before the trip.


4. Bring Extra Mats And Towels

Extra mats and towels come in handy in case the sun becomes too hot and the pet needs a place to rest. The mat is especially important, as boat floors tend to be a little slippery and it will enable the pet to feel more at ease and secure while moving around. However, the best thing to do to keep pets safe on a boat is to keep first trips short, as they can also get sea sick and immediate medical attention might be needed.


5. Take Sunscreen


sunscreen for pets


Veterinarians in Coronado Cays recommend using sunscreen on pets while out on a beach, and more so when going on a boat trip. With light colored pets being hypersensitive to the sun, applying sunscreen on the ears, nose and other areas where there is no fur, will help them.


6. Hydrate Pets

Water for your pets should be plentiful, so they can take a sip when the need arises. Also, it discourages dogs from going overboard to take a sip to stay hydrated. So make sure you bring extra fresh water, not only for you, but for your beloved pets.


7. Safety in Motion


dog on back of boat


Many pets are usually curious about what is going on around them and many look for a higher place to keep a watch over everything. However, this is dangerous while on a boat, as when/if the boat tips for a moment, its easy for the pet to slip into the water. One way to keep a pet safe on a boat is by having them stay next to their owner and having what they need next to them. In addition to that, keeping them on a leash will help, in case they suddenly become excited and act impulsively.


8. Water Sporting

Participating in water sports is the riskiest venture for a pet’s safety. They might get the impression that it’s time to get in the water too when they see their owners dive in. In this case, a leash or life jacket might come in handy before stopping the boat.


9. Prepare For Your Pet Going Overboard

Even with all the precautions taken to ensure that pets are safe while boating, there is still a chance that they might fall in the water accidentally. In this case, cut out the engine before calling on other members on board to help. Practice in a pool on how the rescue will take place and how the pet will be positioned, while still playing it safe.


10. Be attentive


paying attention to dog


Be attentive at all times, because no matter how much practice is done beforehand, focusing elsewhere, even for a moment, can be deadly. By keeping vigil, pets can be stopped from going overboard by keeping a close eye on them. In case waves become too strong, knowing their location will notify pet owners of any potential dangers that might arise.



All in all, even with these tips to keep a pet safe on a boat, its important to check local laws on boating with pets, for alerts on any legal restrictions arising. This should be done early, especially if one is intending to enter international waters, for example. Keep an eye on your pets at all times, since they can be just like children, not realizing the dangers of things and what they are really getting into.

Some crazy boating moments to check out…

How The Canyons River Company Came To Be

Within the environs of the alluring Salmon-Challis National Forest in Idaho passes the Middle Fork of the Salmon River. A boating experience on this river is bound to have you raring for the next time. The Canyons River Company has been providing boating and camping expeditions since 1985.

As such, it is one of the most experienced tour companies within the area. There are different trips to take, and we will discuss that below.


Salmon River expeditions


Exploring in Group Raft Expeditions

Canyons offers rafting expeditions to groups, ranging between four and eight individuals per raft.

Within each raft, you get a guide who keeps you on your toes with regards to paddling and makes sure everything runs smoothly. This is an ideal choice for groups that wish to encounter high whitewater adventures. You will get to witness a myriad of various water conditions that will test the group’s coordination and paddling strength.


Oar Rigging

Tour of the Salmon River


This service is available to visitors who do not wish to exercise their arms with oars or paddles. The guide will do all the hard work. Thus, you can enjoy the scenery that the surrounding mountainous conifer forests and lush fresh water beneath offer. If you take your own kayak or raft and get tired, they can tie it to their raft and you can ride with the group for part of the trip, if there’s enough room.


Individual Kayaking Or Canoeing For The Lone Wolf?

Feel like engaging this water activity a little harder? You can go on a solo or tandem whitewater kayaking trip. Less experienced kayakers can start with sturdy inflatable kayaks which are easy to maneuver and paddle. Hard shelled kayaks are available for the more experienced kayakers, or you can bring your own. If you are kayaking the rapids, you must be experienced.


Camping Services

A visit to this forest is tempting enough to warrant the need for some camping. If you are the camping type, you are in luck, because Canyons has the right packages for everyone. They have some nice camping spots situated in the middle of the forest. You will get the chance to link up with new faces in a friendlier manner, away from your daily social and work related interruptions.


Canyons River Company


Canyons cultivates its own fruits and vegetables in its own gardens. Even some of the animal products, such as eggs, are sourced from Canyons’ own farm. This means that eating fresh, high-quality food will be a daily pleasure during your trip. The menu also provides a long list of choices, especially for your breakfasts and dinners.


Specialty Services

Canyons River Company always has a number of periodic specialty services aimed at appreciating various facets of our society. For lovers of Yoga, there are various sessions of yoga-tailored trips during the year, and the same goes for taste-bud savvy, outdoor-experience loving individuals. To get a peek into their specialty trips, you can visit their website or call their office.


LGBT Rafting Expedition

As part of their specialty packages, Canyons has been offering a yearly LGBT rafting expedition since 2004. This gorgeous meet and greet raft event is open to both LGBT persons and straight individuals. Rafting trips during the event are still based on the standard 6 and 12 day expeditions. Read about the best inflatable kayaks for these trips and you can bring your own. They are incredibly easy to carry and set up!


LGBT friendly rafting company


The 6 day expedition offers you the chance to choose between the Middle Fork trip or the Main Salmon trip. The 12 day tour allows you to go through both tributaries unencumbered by time. Both offers are a fun-filled way of creating cross linkages within and outside the LGBT community.

This event is meant to appreciate and foster the acceptance of the LGBT community with society as a whole. During the event, all the exciting activities that are on Canyons’ normal roster are still available to the attendees. Whether you are a member of the LGBT community or not, this occurrence is worth an attendance.

What To Expect On Expeditions

Canyons River Company does exactly what it claims to do. During a trip, expect to meet other thrill seekers from various backgrounds. You will also encounter and interact with the most understanding guides who will make your stay in the forest all the more pleasurable.

The paddling exercises are likely to get you back into shape, if you’ve been resting for a while. The embrace of group activities will leave you with a deep appreciation for nature. Even though experiences may differ, the word ‘fun’ will most definitely be a word in your description of the Canyons River Company.

This is hilarious! Margaret Cho’s first two dvds were near perfection. Watch this where she talks about being on a gay cruise and does her impression of her mother at the end 😀

front of the cruise ship


Atlantis Events is one of the biggest brands in the gay men cruises industry. Its first all gay event was held more than 25 years ago. Today, it produces unique all-gay cruises and resort vacations all over the world. Atlantis Events gives its guests a place where they can relax, be themselves and have fun in ways they’ve never imagined.

Atlantis Events organizes an average of 8 cruises each year around the world. They charter ships from cruise lines and customize them specifically for their gay guests, just like Olivia Cruises. Their gay cruises give you a chance to visit new places and have memorable adventures with a fun-filled community. Women are also welcomed on-board, but men are not on Olivia Cruises.


Men in the pool


The cruises are Amsterdam to Barcelona, San Diego to Mexico, Harmony Caribbean, Auckland to Sydney and the exotic Caribbean cruise. The Caribbean cruises depart from Fort Lauderdale or Miami and sail late winter or early spring. The crowd is usually relatively young. The Mexico cruise is normally in October, sailing to Puerta Vallarta from Los Angeles and it has more of a west coast crowd. In Europe, there are Mediterranean cruises in the summer, where the crowd is more European. There aren’t a lot of young people since it’s more expensive than the Caribbean cruise. In general, there is a mixed crowd on the ships. You’ll find both young and old men and a few ladies.

Drinks and food are served in plentiful quantities. You are not obligated to eat at a specific time. Neither will you be forced to participate in any activity. You are free to enjoy your cruise as you please. Since most of the meals are included in the fare, the extra expenses will be few. The fare also includes all of the entertainment, parties and activities, and there are a lot of entertainment options.


Singer performing


You will get a lot of chances to dance the night and day away in the legendary parties held each week. Some of the parties are theme-oriented and often outdoors. People come in a variety of costumes that lighten the mood. Each night is different, and you’ll get to experience different types of music and dance under the mesmerizing moonlight. Events geared towards couples and singles are included, so no one is left out.

For those who are not into parties, there are a lot of other options. Atlantis Events creates fantastic shows by producing performances by top talent entertainers. Each comic, singer, musician, cabaret act, production show, and drag performer is hand selected to suit the guests. The lineup of the performances is made for a wide range of tastes. The fun is not only at night, the days also have their events. Pool gaming, glass bowling demonstrations and wine tastings are some of the activities you can indulge in.


riding the water


The ships are usually equipped with fantastic, comfortable staterooms that make you feel right at home. Most of the rooms have balconies overlooking the sea. They are also serviced twice a day and room service is available 24-hours a day. You also have the freedom to choose from a wide range of movies that also features gay cinema. You can choose to have private quiet time in your room or enjoy the activities outside, the choice is yours.

girls on the beach


Olivia Cruises is a lesbian travel company that coordinates cruises for women exclusively. They do not own their own ship, so they charter entire elegant cruise ships to conduct and operate a cruise vacation. They then plan and coordinate the itinerary, activities and entertainment, while also handling all the bookings.

Olivia Cruises is part of Olivia Travel, an international tour company that is devoted entirely to providing travel services, including resort vacations, riverboat journeys, adventure travel and cruises for lesbians. Founded in 1973, with headquarters in San Francisco, California, Olivia Travel, throughout its history, has focused solely on meeting the travel needs of lesbians. Today, they are still the lone cruise company in the world that exclusively caters to lesbians. That philosophy is captured by their simple, but profound motto: “We bring women together on vacation”.

Each Olivia cruise strives to have its own unique and ‘special flavor’, but fun is the common denominator where ever the cruise’s itinerary takes the ship and its passengers. Different cruises operated by Olivia will go all over the world including Italy and the Amalfi Coast, the Caribbean, the Mystical Norwegian Fjords and the luxury and splendour of a Venice to Athens cruise. There is a destination for every woman and most women want to sail with Olivia again to sample them all.


cruise ship charter


Single women and couples are both welcomed. Meeting and making friends in a fun and safe environment, where you are surrounded by hundreds of lesbians, is the cornerstone of ‘The Olivia Experience’. For solo travellers, special single activities and get togethers are part of every cruise so that singles can meet their fellow passengers, make new friends and perhaps make a romantic connection.

The amenities of other standard cruises are also available, such as spectacular entertainment, incredible dining experiences and exotic shore excursions. However, with Olivia Cruises, they take it up to a higher level with lesbian entertainers, fabulous parties, and a real sense of community. Notable celebrities such as Margaret Cho, the Indigo Girls, Melissa Etheridge, K.D. Lang and others have performed on Olivia Cruises in the past.


guest singer on cruise ship


Cruising can be an addictive experience, with the basic cruise fare including accommodations (there are different levels of cabins such as balcony, ocean view, inside etc), all meals (there can be opportunities for speciality dining for a surcharge, but all meals on the buffet and dining room are included), and entertainment throughout the ship, along with Olivia’s special entertainment and programming.

Olivia charters some of the finest and most elegant cruise ships in the world, such as the Azamara Quest, Windstar’s Wind Surf, Holland America’s MS Rotterdam, and the Celebrity Summit. In addition to the crew of the ship, every Olivia Cruise is also staffed by Olivia personnel to attend to any inquiry or issue that may arise. Passengers are taken care of on an Olivia cruise.

Olivia does its best to make its cruises affordable, while providing incredible value. Next year, Olivia Cruises will be celebrating its 45th Anniversary with a special anniversary cruise to the Caribbean to mark 45 years of fun and laughter on the high seas for its loyal clientele.

We’ll be discussing Atlantis’s cruises, but here is a short clip of what these cruises include…ultimate fun!

Until the article for Olivia Cruises is out, why not watch a video first? It’s pretty awesome and look like so much fun!

This is why I love the ocean: so many amazing possibilities. Experiencing an Orca, in the wild, like this? Once in a lifetime experience right here:

I’m really fond of river cruising and messing about with boats on inland waterways or at sea. Last year, me and my co-workers planned to spend our summer holiday in Hawaii. We wanted a different experience, but also for it to feel peaceful. Last minute booking was the best we could do.

Captain Cody was the one that took us on this amazing trip. He was extremely friendly and professional, and the boat was well maintained, giving a comfortable ride even in windy conditions. This was an unusual kind of trip and such a fantastic experience.


fishing yacht


The first day was windy but we managed to find an excellent spot for kayak fishing in the ocean. Captain Cody gave us the special fishing gear which included a kayak, super short custom rods and speed reels. Each of these tools proved vital to our fishing success. We met two local kayakers who warned us that we would need some protection against tiger sharks. Captain Cody gave me a device which emitted electrical pulses to deter the sharks.

However, this didn’t sound like something I wanted to depend on while fishing. At the same time, I was struggling to maintain balance on the kayak. One of my team members reasoned that we should have nothing to worry about since so many people kayak, dive and swim without being mauled by sharks. My fish finder started registering some numbers, so I kept my kayak steady and enjoyed fishing.


hawaiian fishing


After the incredible fishing time, we went to explore the island only to land at the Kona Coast Resort. It featured a restaurant, a fully equipped kitchen, a swimming pool, villa-style suites and an array of amenities etc. I couldn’t wait to taste their dishes so I ordered grilled chicken served with rice. This happened to be the most delicious meal I had tasted for a long time.

At around 5pm, we had some drinks as we enjoyed a show with a local band. Later, we went to sleep for the following day’s activities. The accommodation was excellent, making it the most amazing day of our trip.


kona coast resort


The following day, we went back to the ocean for sport fishing. We found Captain Cody there ready to go. I gained a lot of knowledge by him showing me many kinds of fish and fishing styles available. He had more than 20 years of experience, sharing history and stories of the island and ocean. Together with my workmates, we started to do some serious fishing. After heading to deeper waters, we could point out some sharks, whales and dolphins!

That was the best fishing trip I ever went on & clearly one of the most memorable ones! We learned so many different fishing techniques. What’s surprising is that, there are boats everywhere along Kona Coast. I saw every imaginable kind of craft and fishing boat.

With no specific plan set out, Cody took us wherever we wanted to go. He organized our day and made sure we got the most out of our trip. I remember asking him recommendations on kayaks and he recommended I check out Killer Kayaks information. He told me that if I was looking for a cheap one, then I could find good recommendations of kayaks for around $200 and not to go over. It’s something that everyone will remember for a long time, and we still talk about it. Kudos to Captain Cody, who made me feel like pros by the end of the trip!