Atlantis Cruises – First The Ladies, Now The Guys!

front of the cruise ship


Atlantis Events is one of the biggest brands in the gay men cruises industry. Its first all gay event was held more than 25 years ago. Today, it produces unique all-gay cruises and resort vacations all over the world. Atlantis Events gives its guests a place where they can relax, be themselves and have fun in ways they’ve never imagined.

Atlantis Events organizes an average of 8 cruises each year around the world. They charter ships from cruise lines and customize them specifically for their gay guests, just like Olivia Cruises. Their gay cruises give you a chance to visit new places and have memorable adventures with a fun-filled community. Women are also welcomed on-board, but men are not on Olivia Cruises.


Men in the pool


The cruises are Amsterdam to Barcelona, San Diego to Mexico, Harmony Caribbean, Auckland to Sydney and the exotic Caribbean cruise. The Caribbean cruises depart from Fort Lauderdale or Miami and sail late winter or early spring. The crowd is usually relatively young. The Mexico cruise is normally in October, sailing to Puerta Vallarta from Los Angeles and it has more of a west coast crowd. In Europe, there are Mediterranean cruises in the summer, where the crowd is more European. There aren’t a lot of young people since it’s more expensive than the Caribbean cruise. In general, there is a mixed crowd on the ships. You’ll find both young and old men and a few ladies.

Drinks and food are served in plentiful quantities. You are not obligated to eat at a specific time. Neither will you be forced to participate in any activity. You are free to enjoy your cruise as you please. Since most of the meals are included in the fare, the extra expenses will be few. The fare also includes all of the entertainment, parties and activities, and there are a lot of entertainment options.


Singer performing


You will get a lot of chances to dance the night and day away in the legendary parties held each week. Some of the parties are theme-oriented and often outdoors. People come in a variety of costumes that lighten the mood. Each night is different, and you’ll get to experience different types of music and dance under the mesmerizing moonlight. Events geared towards couples and singles are included, so no one is left out.

For those who are not into parties, there are a lot of other options. Atlantis Events creates fantastic shows by producing performances by top talent entertainers. Each comic, singer, musician, cabaret act, production show, and drag performer is hand selected to suit the guests. The lineup of the performances is made for a wide range of tastes. The fun is not only at night, the days also have their events. Pool gaming, glass bowling demonstrations and wine tastings are some of the activities you can indulge in.


riding the water


The ships are usually equipped with fantastic, comfortable staterooms that make you feel right at home. Most of the rooms have balconies overlooking the sea. They are also serviced twice a day and room service is available 24-hours a day. You also have the freedom to choose from a wide range of movies that also features gay cinema. You can choose to have private quiet time in your room or enjoy the activities outside, the choice is yours.