This is why I love the ocean: so many amazing possibilities. Experiencing an Orca, in the wild, like this? Once in a lifetime experience right here:

I’m really fond of river cruising and messing about with boats on inland waterways or at sea. Last year, me and my co-workers planned to spend our summer holiday in Hawaii. We wanted a different experience, but also for it to feel peaceful. Last minute booking was the best we could do.

Captain Cody was the one that took us on this amazing trip. He was extremely friendly and professional, and the boat was well maintained, giving a comfortable ride even in windy conditions. This was an unusual kind of trip and such a fantastic experience.


fishing yacht


The first day was windy but we managed to find an excellent spot for kayak fishing in the ocean. Captain Cody gave us the special fishing gear which included a kayak, super short custom rods and speed reels. Each of these tools proved vital to our fishing success. We met two local kayakers who warned us that we would need some protection against tiger sharks. Captain Cody gave me a device which emitted electrical pulses to deter the sharks.

However, this didn’t sound like something I wanted to depend on while fishing. At the same time, I was struggling to maintain balance on the kayak. One of my team members reasoned that we should have nothing to worry about since so many people kayak, dive and swim without being mauled by sharks. My fish finder started registering some numbers, so I kept my kayak steady and enjoyed fishing.


hawaiian fishing


After the incredible fishing time, we went to explore the island only to land at the Kona Coast Resort. It featured a restaurant, a fully equipped kitchen, a swimming pool, villa-style suites and an array of amenities etc. I couldn’t wait to taste their dishes so I ordered grilled chicken served with rice. This happened to be the most delicious meal I had tasted for a long time.

At around 5pm, we had some drinks as we enjoyed a show with a local band. Later, we went to sleep for the following day’s activities. The accommodation was excellent, making it the most amazing day of our trip.


kona coast resort


The following day, we went back to the ocean for sport fishing. We found Captain Cody there ready to go. I gained a lot of knowledge by him showing me many kinds of fish and fishing styles available. He had more than 20 years of experience, sharing history and stories of the island and ocean. Together with my workmates, we started to do some serious fishing. After heading to deeper waters, we could point out some sharks, whales and dolphins!

That was the best fishing trip I ever went on & clearly one of the most memorable ones! We learned so many different fishing techniques. What’s surprising is that, there are boats everywhere along Kona Coast. I saw every imaginable kind of craft and fishing boat.

With no specific plan set out, Cody took us wherever we wanted to go. He organized our day and made sure we got the most out of our trip. I remember asking him recommendations on kayaks and he recommended I check out Killer Kayaks information. He told me that if I was looking for a cheap one, then I could find good recommendations of kayaks for around $200 and not to go over. It’s something that everyone will remember for a long time, and we still talk about it. Kudos to Captain Cody, who made me feel like pros by the end of the trip!

Planning a vacation can be stressful for anyone, but it is even more daunting for the LGBTQ community. There’s so much to consider, for instance, gay-friendly locations where you can be yourself in comfort. However, this is not a good enough reason to shy away from some fun. If there’s anything that the LGBTQ community is well known for, it’s letting their hair down and having some wild fun. Although hosting your friends is a good bonding opportunity, there are some factors you need to consider beforehand.

fun times

1. Set A Budget

Every perfect boating trip starts with a budget. After all, doesn’t everything have a price tag? You need to determine the size and cost of the housing boat to hire, the number of guests, food and drinks, entertainers, time of the year, and vacation hot spots to visit. Consider the amount of money that you are willing to set apart for the vacation and work everything else around the budget. You can seek the wise counsel of an event planner to help you land the best deals, hence saving money.

2. Pick A Spot

Just because this is a boating trip doesn’t mean that you guys will spend the entire time on the boat. Safety is key in this case. The spots that you choose should be gay-friendly to rule out the risk of harassment from other travelers and locals. You may need to consult gay-friendly tourist agencies for this. You can even go beforehand and talk to the locals about how well a gay boating trip would be accepted in the area.

ladies on the beach

3. Pick The Date And Duration Of The Trip

Your guests wouldn’t mind vacationing for the rest of their lives, but we know that all good things eventually come to an end. Your budget will determine the duration of the trip. Renting a houseboat during holidays and peak seasons will cost more than on other dates.

4. Create A List Of Invited Guests

Now let’s dive into the fun part. After determining the number of people to host, take your time in compiling a list of invited guests. Resist the temptation to bring in more people than the boat can accommodate. Consider the tight living quarters on the boat. Everyone on your list should be comfortable and willing to get along with each other for a few days. Putting people who have grudges against each other in the same cabin is a recipe for disaster.

party crowd

5. Plan What To Bring

In order to make room on the boat, you can ask your guests to bring a specific number of bags. Foods such as burgers, fries, wine, beer, sandwiches, nuts, and chips are a better choice as they are easier to prepare. If this is a one day trip, the potluck idea is best. This is whereby every guest brings a dish and everyone gets to share and bond over the feast.

Entertainment is key for gay boating trips so bring the music system, a pack of cards, board games, a karaoke machine, etc. You can also ask your guests to each bring a game or suggest a form of entertainment.

party boat

Although it’s all fun, games, and adventure on gay boating trips, safety is key. Ensure that the boat has an updated first aid kit, fire extinguisher, life jackets and a number to call in case of emergency. After all the preparations, it’s pure party time!

Amazing and refreshing to see.  I can’t put it into words. Sit back and enjoy: