Wonderful LGBT Guided Rafting Trips By The Canyons River Company!

How The Canyons River Company Came To Be

Within the environs of the alluring Salmon-Challis National Forest in Idaho passes the Middle Fork of the Salmon River. A boating experience on this river is bound to have you raring for the next time. The Canyons River Company has been providing boating and camping expeditions since 1985.

As such, it is one of the most experienced tour companies within the area. There are different trips to take, and we will discuss that below.


Salmon River expeditions


Exploring in Group Raft Expeditions

Canyons offers rafting expeditions to groups, ranging between four and eight individuals per raft.

Within each raft, you get a guide who keeps you on your toes with regards to paddling and makes sure everything runs smoothly. This is an ideal choice for groups that wish to encounter high whitewater adventures. You will get to witness a myriad of various water conditions that will test the group’s coordination and paddling strength.


Oar Rigging

Tour of the Salmon River


This service is available to visitors who do not wish to exercise their arms with oars or paddles. The guide will do all the hard work. Thus, you can enjoy the scenery that the surrounding mountainous conifer forests and lush fresh water beneath offer. If you take your own kayak or raft and get tired, they can tie it to their raft and you can ride with the group for part of the trip, if there’s enough room.


Individual Kayaking Or Canoeing For The Lone Wolf?

Feel like engaging this water activity a little harder? You can go on a solo or tandem whitewater kayaking trip. Less experienced kayakers can start with sturdy inflatable kayaks which are easy to maneuver and paddle. Hard shelled kayaks are available for the more experienced kayakers, or you can bring your own. If you are kayaking the rapids, you must be experienced.


Camping Services

A visit to this forest is tempting enough to warrant the need for some camping. If you are the camping type, you are in luck, because Canyons has the right packages for everyone. They have some nice camping spots situated in the middle of the forest. You will get the chance to link up with new faces in a friendlier manner, away from your daily social and work related interruptions.


Canyons River Company


Canyons cultivates its own fruits and vegetables in its own gardens. Even some of the animal products, such as eggs, are sourced from Canyons’ own farm. This means that eating fresh, high-quality food will be a daily pleasure during your trip. The menu also provides a long list of choices, especially for your breakfasts and dinners.


Specialty Services

Canyons River Company always has a number of periodic specialty services aimed at appreciating various facets of our society. For lovers of Yoga, there are various sessions of yoga-tailored trips during the year, and the same goes for taste-bud savvy, outdoor-experience loving individuals. To get a peek into their specialty trips, you can visit their website or call their office.


LGBT Rafting Expedition

As part of their specialty packages, Canyons has been offering a yearly LGBT rafting expedition since 2004. This gorgeous meet and greet raft event is open to both LGBT persons and straight individuals. Rafting trips during the event are still based on the standard 6 and 12 day expeditions. Read about the best inflatable kayaks for these trips and you can bring your own. They are incredibly easy to carry and set up!


LGBT friendly rafting company


The 6 day expedition offers you the chance to choose between the Middle Fork trip or the Main Salmon trip. The 12 day tour allows you to go through both tributaries unencumbered by time. Both offers are a fun-filled way of creating cross linkages within and outside the LGBT community.

This event is meant to appreciate and foster the acceptance of the LGBT community with society as a whole. During the event, all the exciting activities that are on Canyons’ normal roster are still available to the attendees. Whether you are a member of the LGBT community or not, this occurrence is worth an attendance.

What To Expect On Expeditions

Canyons River Company does exactly what it claims to do. During a trip, expect to meet other thrill seekers from various backgrounds. You will also encounter and interact with the most understanding guides who will make your stay in the forest all the more pleasurable.

The paddling exercises are likely to get you back into shape, if you’ve been resting for a while. The embrace of group activities will leave you with a deep appreciation for nature. Even though experiences may differ, the word ‘fun’ will most definitely be a word in your description of the Canyons River Company.